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‘Sitting On Sidelines’ is more than a CD, more than a project, ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ is a mentality.  It’s a mentality we have all heard of and accepted as failure. But being the runner up, first loser, next best, second round draft pick, on deck, etc. only allows us the chance to improve and increase. We have all been to that point in our lives.

This project a collaboration between producer Evan Beranek and emcee Chris Treborn. After Treborn was heard spitting rhymes at South Salem Young Life Club, kids noticed how well the two sounded together. They made an agreement and decided to bless each other with one another’s talents. Obviously, the two were better than simply one.

Most of us have experienced ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ at one point in our lives. It’s all about being ready to play. Even if you’re not out there – starting, you got next. So be prepared for the game. Plus it’s better to be ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ than to be watching from the stands. Be a participator, not a spectator.

‘S.O.S.’ is dedicated to all the athletes, especially all the second string players, and the practice squad. It contains dance, hip-hop, and techno tunes to get your adrenaline pumping and your thoughts provoking. This album is for anyone that never got their chance to shine or give ’em what they got.

‘Sitting On Sidelines’ is not just about sports and athletics either, it’s about relationships too! So whatever the situation may be, remember to be prepared, because the opportunity will be yours!

The concept of ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ was thought of when Chris Treborn noticed one of his Young Life kids talking to a girl. Well, he wasn’t talking, she was. But he was hearing every word and listening so attentively. They smiled and laughed together. You can see in his posture that he was into her.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t going to date him. She was into him, but the catch was… she was already dating another guy. So he knew he didn’t have a chance to be her boyfriend. That didn’t stop him from being around her, being her friend, and pursuing her and the relationship he knew they both were aware of.

They both knew it was a matter of time, her current boyfriend would mess up and it would be game time for the next runner up. Resilient. Relentless. Zealous.

We all have something we are pushing for. Something we want to reach and achieve. Something we desperately wish to obtain. And we’re not talking about fortune or fame. We’re talking dreams and ambitions.

Are you an underdog? Have you been on deck for awhile now? Here is your chance!

Join Chris Treborn as he faces a battle against his selfishness, and as he pursues his love interest as he figures out his own self.

We’ve been ‘Sitting On Sidelines’ too long.

It’s time to play ball. Game on!

Carpe Diem – WTD!



Chris Treborn doesn’t let anyone think less of him because he is young, a poet, or a Christian. He’s an example to all in what he says, in the way he lives, in his love, his faith, his purity, and even in his music. Christian has been writing poetry since 1995 and in 1999 he started recording music. In 2001 he began recording under the label G-Rated Entertainment (now known as Soul Anchor Music). With his clean, uplifting lyrical content and unique production, Treborn has been creating his own style of music setting him aside from his peers. What would you call this style besides sanctified?


Beyond your first impression or his label, you will notice Chris Treborn isn’t your average Hip Hop artist or rapper. He is a Christian first, and a poet second. As a poet he orchestrates his music appropriately to help the lyrics feed your brain and touch your heart. His mouth speaks what is true, for his lips detest wickedness.


He is…                                                              the underdog

Read Christian’s Testimony HERE


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