Who am I. Just another guy

I’m Representing. & Yes I’m living          to the sky

Just passing by in case you’re asking why

I’m feeling so fly there’s no need to lie

It’s like I’m an alien. I’m outta this world

A new creation tell every boy and girl

Not from this planet so even I can’t deny

What I’m called to do and why

I’m a patriot go-ahead salute

This is what we do. How we pursue

Call it cucumber cool y’all dill like pickles

Makin waves w/music out of our ripples

Make it look simple. Take Em this info

For his sake it’s my introduction our intro

Get on your feet or your knees & pray in the temple

Let’s recognize your needs though you walk with a limp yo

We can play heavy metal if that’s what you choose it

I’d rather spit real rap call it soul anchor music

Who else could hold ya down as you walk on water?

Now that’s a movement! So hush to all the talkers


Yes I guess it’s my time

Time to shine Time to climb

I’ll be fine if I grind

Me oh my This is why

Why we strive to the sky

Can’t deny  Soar and fly

Reaching high as we ride

From ambition to pride Witness realization

Keep it 300 S.O.S. to the nation

You can put me in coach Let’s win the day

If we’re angry where pride resides

Triumph is delayed

We need humility and reconciliation

A little righteousness No more temptation

180 or play action Be on the defensive

With pursuit and victory Love is so redemptive

Put your money on that With chivalrous behavior

’cause we can’t call it quits Got to be true and pure

Instead of judging From the outside

Swallow your pride Unless you want a hollow prize

Though we lose the battles We can win the war

Throw up two fingers If you know what’s in store

Lord knows I want more More of what’s intended

But defeat lost it’s sting

It is finished! It’s ended!

I was just a boy waiting for my chance

Had to pull up my pants  Learn about romance

Some called me endless Others said hopeless

No less, I had to… End all this mess

Get up the courage to ask for true love And it’s a narrow path  Some push and shove

But look at me now I’m a different man 2 Co. 5:17 was apart of his plan

Now it’s my turn to share my story But it’s not about me

It’s all to God’s glory!


Soul Anchor Music you’re next up on the clock

What will you do? There’s no need for you to stop

Christian Hip-Hop, you’re probably going to act like you’re sick

But you already know, who the anchor is going to pick

It’s the INO rapper, yes, he is winning

Swallowing pride, this is just the beginning

Will the real underdog please stand up

#2 baby, every one else can man up

No need to criticize, we’ve made our choice

As for them other guys, they can quiet their voice

No need to hate, we bout to be great

Don’t hesitate (no mistake) no need to wait

Pacific Northwest, let’s step it on up

Impact the nation, never give up

We got the Holy Spirit, running through our gains

Non-Trinitarians… Think we’re insane

Been writing rhymes for God, since 1995

Know what I’m saying? You know what I’m saying

I’m back on the prowl, so you better watch out

Venues and churches, you know I’m down

Even the bars, are going to run for their money

Think I don’t know what I’m doing? I’m not a dummy

Ain’t a single thing funny, but you all can clown now

Be on the look out, I’m staying on the prowl

You can hate me now, with your pants sagging

By the end of the year you all will be on the bandwagon

Stop laggin I’m not braggin y’all just draggin


I’ve been practicing so hard to make it

If I had a chance you know how far I’d take it

Trust me I’m a great kid, soon I’ll be praised

Thanking my parents for the child they raised

Not boasting or bragging, I’m chosen I’m handling

I’m hot roasting and handsome, this energy I’m channeling

If only, I could get it out, put it on the field

From a play to a set, from a tackle to a steal

I gotcha, I’ll put the ‘D’ in defense

I am D man, so stop playing on the fence

This game is for real, so get it right

Put me in coach, ’cause I’m down for life

Even if I fall, even if I stumble

I will not whine, and I will not grumble

I’ma get back up and give another 1-10

‘Cause to give up, is just another dumb sin …so…









I won’t let em make fun, just ’cause I’m young

I’ll be an example and I’ll set it with style

By what I say, by what I do

By my love and faith, staying pure and true

This is how I do, this is how it is

Giving a shout out to all the other kids

Dealing with the biz, from a sizzle to a fizz

I will stand strong, I will place my bid

Use the gift given, thanks for the support

Every one who put their faith in any sort

Will not let you down, just be around

If not in the city, got to rep the town

This is for our school, even the alumni

We got to prove ourselves, no longer a dumb guy

Got to be so fly, if you let us spread our wings

Like the voice of an angel, listen as he sings


Are you playing to win? Then you better Win The Day!

In this Oregon State of mine, we have a saying… WTD!

Play to win Win the day.

Play to win in every way

WTD That’s what we say

Play to win Hit or stay yeah

Let’s win the day

It takes all season to get it right. We been thru a lot we put up a fight

Watch us take flight we will soar

Succeed so much we had to explore

It’s taken all season to get this right

Been to the top we put up a fight

Now we found sight so we will soar

So much success now we want more


coach put his faith in us

And so we trust. We won’t discuss

No loss or fuss. All patience no rush

Practice makes perfect. It’s championship or bust

Before we take action. Pray with passion

Joy is everlasting. Poise and not flashin

We got fashion we got style.

They askin why y’all so wild

Fore we take action we pray with passion

Joy ever lastin poison not flashin

We got fashion way more style

They be askin we just smile


I have my game face on. And they played my song

So you know it’s on. No we can’t go wrong

We tried for so long. And when you leave we will say so long

We got success because he taught us

Look how far he has brought us

We will be great sons and daughters

Y’all lukewarm but we are hotter

We got success because he taught us

Look how far he has brought us

We are just great sons & daughters

Not lukewarm so we won’t faultier

We been so hungry No longer are we starving

Travel narrow roads that’s your loss and our win

Were harvesting fields. Y’all pick in gardens

We been doing this for life. Y’all barely startin

Maybe not perfect this is our season

We been stretching we’ve been reaching

We been learning he’s been teachin

Control our breathing best believing

Maybe not flawless this our season

We been reaching we been stretching

He’s been teachin us this lesson

Control breathing we won’t be leaving

What could be next. But our victory

You can’t beat us? (You must be joking) No, Seriously

Like oranges to apples Or plants to trees

Can you compare seeds to fig leaves (player please)

We once had big dreams. Now we’re doing big things

We had to plant seeds to be advancing

We can give our best but it’s best to be givin

That’s why we’re giving. That’s why we’re living

Four fingers and thumb. I need a fifth ring

Never giving up. Always be persisting

I’m still not giving in. I’ll stay persisting

Never giving up. Defeat let’s be resisting


So many lies, player haters on the prowl

Still I’m balling daily; yes I’m calling a fowl

You used to be down, and then you traded teams

Stabbed me in the back, though I told you my dreams

Keep asking me these questions about my family

Keep asking about my past and you will see

What’s done is done and I left in the past

Still you wont let up, all you do is ask

Acting like my friend, pretending to care

But when I truly need you, never are you there

Sounds like a frenemy, are you kidding me

Don’t need the gossip; your chatter is killing me

It’s time to man up, for you r own actions

I’m not an assassin; I’m playing with passion

Which team are you playing for, before you bounce?

When the buzzer sounds, will your points count?

Don’t get it twisted

I’m not dissing

I’m praying for you

So just listen

‘Cause we’re more than Christians

Let’s just handle business

I got my hands up; it’s time for a block

You got to be cautious, when you handle the rock

Don’t need an interception; need better reception

Did you learn your lesson? Got to get my breath in

For my brethren, I see you dubsteppin

Moving in slow motion, really are you sweating

Better freeze up, or at least ease up

Been waiting for your release, yet you tease us

Believe us we bleed trust, no more lust

But you spit in our face, left in disgust

Nothing more to discuss, we can’t be touched

Real men love Jesus stand up and man up

I’m sorry for your loss, I’m sorry I left you

I’m not angry I’m bitter, ‘cause I loved you

Couldn’t get enough of you, but we’re through

I’m over you I’m down, still I’m praying for you


Give me liberty or give me death!

I’ma rap with passion till my last breath

even without swagger till I have none left

I’m at peace I’m blessed

Rest In Peace to my flesh!

You can knock me down to the ground

intimidation might resound

but I’m not proud I’m humble now

I’ll be silent as you growl so loud!

Sometimes I don’t know how to express

The lack of being blessed living so stressed

Not making enough money to support my fam

Lacking faith despite who I am

       Forget death I’m focused on life

I need to pay dues no need for the ice

I need my wife I need to be a man

But where is the love when u can’t even stand

Give me liberty or give me death

Give me unity or give me stress

Give me integrity there’s no more left

Give me humility there’s no more left


Every body

We all wrestle with the good side

bad side it don’t matter ’cause we all cry

all die and it’s all night Yeah It’s alright

I’m all right!

Never did I think I would be so blessed

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been put through a test

My life is a mess even as a minister

I preach da truth Im an open book make it clear

even through the trials We will prevail

Losing battles but we’ll win the war This is our tale

How can we fail with angels & saints on our team

More than a story in a book more than a dream

They say I won’t make it. Might as well fake it

Even Christians tell me I’m forsaken

No one invites a rapper to preach to the youth

But I don’t preach sin. I speak truth. Seeking fruit

 what’s your excuse. Better lace your boots

‘Cause were on the frontline. No thats not a punchline

It’s your time to shine. Reflect the son’s light

In the limelight but the stage isn’t ours tonight

I’ve been through so much and it’s not even lunch

I’m starving for a feast but I skipped brunch

I wine like grapes a bunch but so what

I need to speak up get up out my seat that’s what

The prison sell opens but I gotta put on my shoes

Lace em up and walk out that’s what I choose

Refuse to lose. Can’t be used and discarded

Graf me back in to the tree in your garden

I beg your pardon, you have set me free

No need to worry. No need for the greed

I’m thinking green, time to recycle gifts

Now is my time, only one life to live

   No longer a kid, but my faith is like a child

I believe in so much, be wise I’m not wild

Nor am I mild, I just got a sly style

And after awhile you will see this is my smile


Yes, I got this. I won’t stop this

Yeah, I’m laid back, cocked back like a hammer

Too legit to quit, so cocky with a swagger

I’m smashing’ son, on the prowl like a panther

Kardashian (which one?) any one, I can’t stand her

No A.I. needed, I’ve got the answer

Even your bishop loves me; call me a jaguar

Not a comic like Mr. Lee, I set the standard

Now you duck, green with envy like a mallard

Yes, I got this. No, I won’t stop this

Yes, it’s obvious. I know that you’re noxious

I make myself so sick. Because I’m so sick

But no I won’t quit; I’m too legit to quit

Every time I rhyme and every time I climb

People want to bring me down; I’m high

I won’t lie; still I’ll rise

I’m an outlaw like Tupac’s guys

It’s no surprise, no soup and fries

It’s Spanish rice; I demand this life

Spicy and icy, call me Cuban tight

Put that in your pipe; I’ll be here all night

Yeah, I glorify the Lord, but it’s like a chore

I’ve been raising Hell, since two thousand and four

I’ve been using my heart more; yeah, I’m hard-core

If I’m not floored when I’m done; I want more

These churchy people are preaching to the choir

I’d rather aspire, to serve and inspire

I’m a rider, can’t deny ya, I’m on fire

Till I’m beside ya, I’ll live till I expire

Like sour milk, filled with this guilt

Sorry I spilt; cards have been dealt

I make myself so sick,

because I’m so sick

Heal me I want to quit.

I’m too legit


180… U-Turn baby! I mean… After Further Review

I will try my best. If i am good enough

Through trial and test. Before I am back to dust

Can’t. Be lacking trust. Can’t. Be packing lust

I got. An action punch. More than just packing lunch

This is more than a feeling. I’m doing more than stealing

I feel so dirty. Covered in blood. I’ve been killing

But if I die tonight. I will die blind

Cuz I can’t see death outside. Unless I open my eyes

I hear them pound the spikes

They bout to put out his lights

Why did I not fight

For. The right – just

It’s like I despise

All the other guys

I’ve told too many lies

Never was I RIGHTeous

One day B. Maybe u-turn and 180

180 & u-turn, maybe. One day b!

I hear the singing, of a fat lady

It’s over I’m done. my maker has won

I’m not his only son. But he’ll return for one

No wonder I hear thunder. I’m foreign

To this planet. I can’t stand it. I’m done

And if his kingdom comes. His will is done

Turn away and fall back. No more looking back

All my evil deeds. All they did was stack

It’s not my enemy. It’s myself that attacks

All the times I lacked. people I stabbed in the back



Sitting on sidelines

Dismissing fine dimes

Living like nine lives

Dissin stray felines

Spittin limes

Spit and shine

Spittin lines

I’d rather try dyin

Or at least die tryin

No need for lime light

I’m on my Half time shine

Looking cocky in the first half

No longer taking a dirt nap

I guess I need a hearse bath

I was posing in the worst stance

Time to be humble

No time to grumble

Won’t let my brother stumble

I gotta dribble on the double

I’m not a prima-donna

Unless I’m pre-Madonna

ROFLMBO so clean

Gettin down on the grass

Call me C-Lo Green

Look at me look

Look at me fail

Look at me soar

Look at me sail

Some so oh we’ll

I say I’m well

No one can tell

Unless they hear me yell

Go ahead and ask.

Be a true team mate

‘Cause if I mess up

Then you will seem late

Is it called fate

Or is it destiny

Coach must be testing me

Yes coach is testing me


Not all anger is sin. In fact,

you have the right to be angry about what God is angry at.

It is called righteous anger. You have the right

to be this way until the sun leaves sight

search your heart to figure out the source

Whether you bottle up your anger or blow up in courts,

both forms are just as dangerous. You probably already know, but misguided anger doesn’t do any good, so

It’s time to let God replace your anger with love.

From heaven above. Call it push and shove

Im angry with sinful people Romans 1:18

People’s desires make them give in to immoral ways,

filthy thoughts, and shameful deeds. Hate others

They’re hard to get along with. People stay jealous,

angry, and selfish. They argue, cause trouble,

they are envious. get drunk, carry on the double,

and they do other evil things, I told you before,

I am telling you again: just what’s in store

No one who does these things, will share

in the blessings of God’s kingdom. Now that’s fair

(Galatians 5:19-21)

A person with a quick temper stirs up arguments

and commits a lot of sins. There’s no arguing this

(Proverbs 29:22)

Stop being bitter, angry and mad at others.

Don’t yell at one another or curse out your brothers

or even be rude. be kind, merciful, & forgive

just as God forgave you cause of what Christ did

(Ephesians 4:31, 32)

don’t try to get even. Let God take revenge.

In the Scriptures God say,

“I am the one to take revenge and pay them back.”

(Romans 12:19) it’s in white n black

be quick to listen and slow to speak

If you are angry, you will face defeat

you cannot do what God wants done.

So follow the ways of his only son.

(James 1:19, 20)


Here I am. I’m here to defend. Ima gonna defend you. Till the end

Whether I lose. Or if I win. I’m here to defend you till the very end

Ima be defensive. I’ll be defensive’n. Be defensive in battle till we win

Yes I’m a defender ‘cause I’m a defender ‘Cause we’re her defenders so we’ll defend her

I’m in the defensive Because you’re so offensive This is for the kings kids Can i get witness

This is ministry This is more than business More than music We’ll tell you what this is

The gospel we’re defending Unashamed not on fences Never were we kidding We stay on the defensive

Staying on the dean’s list Got to be the cleanest Not the meanest you seen this Since before we were a fetus

Before we knew our jesus You cleaned us you keep us Never will you leave us You’re the truest who knew this

Not heathens best believe this Still you feed us and you keep us

So blessed to defend you Jesus

We love you Jesus

Sorry we fail you when we drop the ball

But we know it’s our time when we got that call

Even after the fall you were unashamed of us all

We can never deceive you never leave you at all

You never mislead us you always keep it real

That is how we feel still even though we conceal

Our selfish ambition but you know how to deal

Still you love us the same ‘cause you know how we



Some people call it paperwork

(But) they don’t know how paper work

Some just might face the dirt

(As if) they were made from dirt

What can you make it worth

(If) you forsake its worth

Do you not deserve

To earn what you deserve

Speaking of earn it’s; best to be earnest

What could be worth-less, if the debt has been purchased?

Humble & obedient. Loyalty is not immediate

Respect can be gained. If the game is played

You can put your money. Put your money on that

Take it to the bank. You can make it back

Don’t gamble it away. Pay off the debt

You can put your money. Put your money that.

Use this to earn more until he gets back

When he returns how much can you give back

Sufficient or will you lack? Could you take a bath

Take your blessing and bless. Multiply the stacks

When you have stash. You can be trusted

With a little amount. Not dusted and disgusted

But when you take it & hide it; it will not grow

That’s worthless! You had a seed to sew

You could’ve had interest. If only you’d invest

I guess to be trusted, wasn’t your interest.

Could have gained feet. But you didn’t gain inches

Instead of towering towers you’ll be tearing out trenches

Digging out ditches. Paving the road

Be righteous with your riches. Give until your home.

Do you know the great commission? Are we not on a mission

Don’t we have vision, beyond our own vision?

No need. For a mattress

No need. for a mansion

It’s time to take action

What we need is passion

Be an encouragement.

Be a blessing.

Sell all your things.

No more possessions.

Because they’re possessing.

And they got you stressing.

This is just a lesson. From the groom. Be his best man!


I will re-treat my queen. The apple of my eye

With more than archaic words to supply

No more poetry. Time to grow to speak

Can not go to sleep. Time to grow some feet

Walk another 500 miles Swim the length of 500 niles

Grin ear to ear like 500 smiles

Around the world in 500 styles

Resume my hug and rescue my love

Every minute with you could not be enough

So I pray for more in this life and next

Until you love me back I’ll hold my breath

Chivalrous behavior got me actin a fool

I’m try a learn it righteous but I’m always missing school

Try to be obedient this is crazy love

Seal a holy kiss. Don’t need a lazy hug

I’m shaking off the dust distinguishing trust

Extinguishing lust it’s heaven or bust

Pull out the rug can’t sweep it under the carpet

To hit the bullseye on your heart that’s the target

How far will I get if I’m always sacrificing

No compromising it’s appetizing

Even if I sing I might not be heard right

If not by day one or two then maybe by the third night

This sounds observe right I got nerve to fight

For a princess to be my queen my girl to be my wife

But if we’re barely friends which way do we go

By faith by hope no. By love we’ll take it slow

No need to rush. Flirt until its perfect.

If we are patient. True love is worth it

Once felt worthless. Now I’m confident

Cuz my strength isn’t mine. Know it’s heaven sent

Nothing can fade it. No need to fake it

Had to wear a masque till I got a faith-lift

Whole swagger replace it re-taste the feast

A new beauty to my heart bring grace to this beast

No need to retreat. Home is where the heart is

Separation is the hardest. Once we start this

Gotta grow keep on keepin on going strong

Reap so you know. There’s so much sewing going on

No words only actions and the passin of time

Will prove my love no assassin or crime

Why rob the jewelry store for a precious diamond

I’d rather dig for days and give up the rhyming’

I know it gets hard

left with frustration

Im struggling daily

no other explanation

I stole your heart

and I broke it too

To Become a criminal

is not what I want to do

I would rather pursue

and still be romantic

My behavior lately

has been real pathetic

No words can excuse

the actions of my crime

I will do my time

like a punch line will rhyme

No poet nor artist

should be left with this fear

I have nothing to give.

Only my ear

A man can go

to the ends of the earth

To search for his heart

& all it’s worth

Resume my hug

and rescue my love

Every minute with you

could not be enough

So I pray for more

in this life and next

Until you love me back

I’ll hold my breath

Chivalrous Be .



Chivalrous Be-havior


Call it what you want. I call it a u-turn

I had to flip the script cuz I acted like I couldn’t burn

But now it’s my turn time to relearn

That to invest in life first you got to earn

Not to mention to save and hold out for that day

A Future bride and groom meet in a divine place

Imagine their face as they felt the lords grace

Kind of impressed but try not to make too many mistakes

As if his presents is the greatest gifts

He wants to uplift and eventually raise her kids

But how could he think this if he never wanted

Well The skeletons are out. So No longer is he haunted

God has changed his mind and showed him something new

He rewired his mind now he desires what is true

True to his nature something non traditional.

learning on the daily more than unconditional

Once a player of the game. The Player of the day

foolish games no longer played, how could he stay

He loss too many times. Thinking he could win

But if he cheated and gambled. You could call it sin

Here he tries again as he makes a new friend

A team mate for life. His new best friend

What he wouldn’t do. Just to see her smile

He would write a dozen songs but she’s in denial

Resisting these feeling. But who are they kidding

They were meant to fight. It is only fitting

To struggle is to live. And to survive defines the meaning

Next thing you know. He’s got the girl singing

She’s infatuated with his persistence

If only he knew how to prove his existence

He prayed more than he’s ever prayed before

If only he knew then. What the lord had in store

The groom makes his plans. But his father guides his steps

She’s is next, what’s next. Taking deep breathes

She expects to go out. And enjoy another night

But the shining of that ring. Was more than a sight

She was left in shock. Paused within time

He had so few words. For a man of many rhymes

But his hart was on his sleeve and her jaw dropped

The power of their love. Could never be stopped.

He has no strength. But God has blessed him

A covenant was made. Among all of them

Within all of men. There is this love

Innocent and pure. It was sent from above

Since that first marriage & unity in the garden

Man needed a partner. And now she’s got him

Its a two way street and now we got the wheel

How he manned all it’s like deal or no deal


There comes a time in a mans life

When he has to get it right

Married with a wife. Kids in his sight

He already took flight

Coming home after work just another night

Wifey paying bills here comes another fight

But no He refuses. To be a statistic

Gotta turn quick before it gets thick

This is it. He’s sick but he can’t call it quits

He has to keep in mind his love and replay

All he never did. To prevent any pain

As the man he’s the umbrella from all her rain

She always makes him sing before he can think

‘Cause if his mind gets caught he downs another drink

But she pours it in the sink see it on her face

With forgiveness. A hug is their embrace

And this is just a taste. Of true love and grace

She was first to go to college

Blessed with so much knowledge

Her enthusiasm is a blessing to her friends

All the rainbows she chased finding no ends

This is how she begins to follow her dreams

But hope floats it seems. Things are just things

Instead of letting go she writes herself a list

And If he doesn’t make it she will shake her fist

Gotta turn quick before it gets thick

This is it. She’s sick but she cant call it quits

She has to keep in mind her love and replay

As the woman she’s the warmth away from the rain

He always makes her sing before she can think

‘Cause if her mind gets caught you’ll see it on her face

With forgiveness. A hug is her embrace

And this is just a taste. Of true love and grace

God these two may fight

No always get it right

But you have them in your sight

They’re the apple of your eye

And every time they fail you don’t even cry

‘Cause you know deep inside. They will be fine

They give it another try. Along with a sigh

You know they can’t deny. The love you supply

God that gets them high. Every time they fly like a kite

It’s like your love is their wings.

& Your grace is the air beneath all their dreams

But They can’t always sleep, no action no success

Because of you they know action know success

And God are they blessed though put to the test

And they’ll share your testimony. Just like the rest

if their mind is on you you’ll see it on their face

With forgiveness. A hug is their embrace

And this is just a taste. Of your true love and grace

All stories, poems, & lyrics written by:

Christian Treborn 2009-2012


Copyright: Soul Anchor Music c/o Chris Treborn

PO Box 2653 Salem, OR 97308

c: (503) 851-3461


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